Paella Fest 2014

A Benefit for Food for Lane County 
Saturday, August 2nd, in beautiful green Eugene

On Saturday August 2nd, paella lovers—both makers and eaters—will get together on the beautiful wooded hilltop at Mo and Eric’s to revel in the tastes and exotic aromas from paella pans bubbling with that magical rice dish from Spain. 
With just a week to go, the Ninth Annual Paella Fest is shaping up to be a very special day. We have received support from Deschutes BreweryNinkasi BrewingClaim 52 BrewingNewman's Fish Co. and The Spanish TableThe generosity of these businesses, combined with the skills of nearly 30 paella makers has us poised for success in our goal of providing support to Food for Lane County. 

Suggested Donation: $25
In an effort to tap into the Paella Passion for a greater good, Paella Fest has been from its inception a fundraiser for Food for Lane County. Over the years we have raised over $21,000 to help feed those not as fortunate as ourselves. Paellaeras are donating their time and providing the best ingredients, so we hope that the rest of you will give generously from your pocket books. Please look for the collection jar near the entrance.

It looks as if this year will continue the trend of being bigger and better than the previous year as there have already been inquiries from paella makers—both seasoned pros and wannabes—about this years festival. Below you will find all of the information you need including: logistics of what is provided and what you will need to bring, how many people to invite, time guidelines and driving directions.

If you have any questions, or want to secure a spot on the paella line, contact Don. There will be periodic email updates of who’s in and who’s out. If you want to be on or off that list please let us know.

The Concept
Each person or team who chooses to be a paella maker (paellaera?) brings everything they need to prepare their favorite rice dish of Spain out into the wide open spaces of nature. In addition each paellaera invites enough friends to eat the equivalent of their paella. The result should be a critical mass of fun and celebration with everyone sharing tasty bites of their creations. This invitation is open to all paellaeras who possess creativity, poise and dashing good looks, along with a passion for life and of course, a love of paella.

To sign up, see below.

The Location
Eric and Mo have graciously provided their lovely wooded hilltop property, located just 20 minutes from downtown Eugene (and to be known for posterity as “The Dukhobar Road Paella Proving Grounds”) at 86840 Dukhobar Road, Eugene, OR 97403.

For directions, see below.

The Timing
Arrival: Paellaeras may arrive and set up any time after 3:00 PM.
Cooking: You are the expert for your recipe. Begin when the time seems right.
Eating: Try to have your paella complete and ready to eat sometime between 6:00 and 7:00 PM.

Items Provided
  • Tables (each table can accommodate 2 to 3 paellaeras)
  • Water (although you may want to bring a receptacle to have water at your table)
  • Cups for beverages (feel free to bring your own special goblet)
  • Small plates and spoons for acquiring taste bud orgasms. (Eating out of the pan is the tradition for paella, however to minimize the risk of soccorat theft, we are resorting to plates.)
Bathrooms are provided.

Items Paelleras Should Bring
  • All ingredients
  • Paella Pan
  • Burner and gas, or receptacle and fuel for charcoal or wood heat (Smokey says, “no ground fires”)
  • Utensils
  • Dish towels and pot holders
  • Beverages other than beer (and ice if needed)
  • Chair
  • Containers for taking home leftovers (yeah, right!)
  • Fire extinguisher or bucket (we want to keep the lovely wooded hilltop wooded!)
You may want to label items as things tend to migrate around in the feeding frenzy.

ItemsGuests Should Bring
  • Beverages other than beer (and ice if needed)
  • Chair
  • Generous donation for Food for Lane County (suggested $25 per person)
Sign Up
Paellaeras, reserve your spot at the table by signing up now! Email Don and let him know the type of paella (seafood, vegetarian, gastropod, etc.) you plan to create and, if possible, how many guests you intend to invite.

Go out West 11th to Greenhill Road. Turn left on Greenhill. As you proceed, the name of the road mysteriously changes to Crow Road. In a mile or so there will be a Dukhobar Road sign on the right. DON’T TURN HERE! Continue straight for about half a mile until you see a Dukhobar Road sign on your left. Turn left here. Continue to the end of the pavement. (Click on the map below to enlarge)

The driveway is steep, so to drop off people or supplies, drive all the way up to the house, staying right at the Y, and then return to the parking areas. Parking is at the bottom of the hill on the side of the paved road, or up the drive staying left at the Y.


Don’t feel like driving home after an evening of delicious paella, music, and good times? There is plenty of room to pitch a tent or sleep out under the stars and towering trees.

Talk to Us
If you have any comments or just want to wax poetic about paella, click on the link below.

2013 Was the Best Fest Ever!

Wow ... the 2013 Northwest Paella Fest surpassed all expectations of fun, friendship, creativity, entertainment, awesome paellas and fundraising! This year we raised a record $4,750.00 for Food for Lane County!

Be sure to check out the photos from this year to get an idea of just how wonderful the day was! 
Here are Dede's photos on Picasa. And here are some more from Wes.

So Many to Thank

There are many people and organizations to thank for making this year's fest such a successful one:

Paellaeras. Thank you to the fabulous, fanciful, fantastic paella makers for their generosity in time, creativity, and ingredients, making this year's paellas the most tasty ever. Sausage Henge, the Flying Cameronis, Thaiella, Garden Delight, Creamy chocolate dessert paella to name a few. We had over 30 paella chefs this year: Steve S, Julie, Scottdog, Jon, Ed, Lisa Y and her large family, Alan and Zac, Jerry, Mo, Eric, Don, Stephen,  Dede, Cheryl and Luanne, Lisa K, Lisa G, Mipam, George, Tom and Patty and crew, Anne  and Chris, Annalisa, Char, Marsha, Jeannie all deserve a round of applause for their paellas.

A special thanks for the generous donations: gifts from  Steve Winston at the Spanish Table, a case of wine from Bill and Jim at Willamette Valley Vineyards, Bec Williams, Playground Sports (for the Ninkasi Keg), a keg from Claim 52, and last but not least important, Above All Sanitation for the Porta Potty!

Musicians. And thank you musicians! We could not have done without Steve who organized the music and provided the sound equipment. Thank you to Rick for opening the afternoon by serenading the paella chefs on his bagpipes, and to Calvin and his accompanist for the wonderful broadway songs. Thanks also to Dede, Sean, Rick and Char for the music from Los Pedo; to Mike, Annalisa, Rick and Char for the tunes from Left Coast Sax Quartet; to Steve, Chuck and Dennis for the blue grass music ... and finally, to Steve and Scott for finishing out the evening's fabulous music.

Our Gracious Hosts. Last but not least, a huge thank you to Mo and Eric for hosting the Paella Fest at their beautiful oasis in the woods. We recognize the enormous amount of time and energy you put into preparing for this event. And to Annie and Kevin for sharing their beautiful land for camping and parking and for the kids' play area.

Here's to Northwest Paella Fest 2014!